“In regards to healthcare; to be the source of control, you have to have both information sharing and transparency. This creates an environment that allows the patient to heal through value-based, patient-centered care.”
James Paat, President & CEO, InXite Health Systems

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Your Foundation For Moving To Value-Based Care

  • Create a single, unified, shared care plan for the patient and the patient’s care team

  • Provide care team recommendations based on patient diagnoses

  • Enable providers to better coordinate tasks, improve patient engagement, and ensure care plan adherence

  • Alert appropriate individuals when care plan items are not adhered to so proactive intervention can be made

  • Automatically record patient information and render it into the INXITE® Patient Need and Health Scores, which allows providers to better understand the needs and risks of patients

  • Deliver weekly reminders to patients about appointments and medications

  • Allow patient health information to be portable with the patient via a unique QR code

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