Columbus, Ohio: InXite Health Systems has launched two new state-of-the-art websites. “Not only are these websites full of cutting-edge technology, they are extremely user-friendly and chocked full of information,” according to InXite’s
CEO James Paat. “The difference between the two is that one is for use by corporate partners and potential partners ( searching for
the best healthcare solutions for their employees. The consumer website ( is structured to be best utilized by people who are looking for a way to learn more about the options provided by the INXITE®
data platform and the best way to sign up for the service,” added Paat.

The new websites are complete with videos that enhance the information and multiple links that move the viewer through the site quickly. “People who come to our site will be educated about our products and leave feeling that there is a solution to their questions,” said Paat. The future of healthcare is now and InXite Health systems is helping both corporations and consumers find the answers they are searching for with the INXITE® data platform.