Columbus, Ohio: InXite Health Systems’ CEO James Paat has been selected to speak at
The American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks (AAPAN) Innovation Forum in Las Vegas, NV. The forum will take place from January 27-29 at the Four
Seasons Hotel and will “bring together leaders from plans, networks, and car management organizations in commercial/government healthcare and workers’ compensation.
These innovators will be focusing on new ideas and ways to improve existing plans.

Mr. Paat will be speaking on the Opioid panel, sharing best ways to offer resources, education and treatment options to their participants. The INXITE® data platform that Mr. Paat has developed is a cutting-edge technology that provided patients with a safe and secure way to manage their healthcare data. The Opioid crisis is just one of the healthcare situations patients deal with when managing their medical needs.

Unfortunately, today it is one of the most pressing healthcare issues in this country.
InXite Health Systems is constantly looking for ways to help patients take control of their
own healthcare and the hope is that by providing vital information, InXite can truly make a difference.