When James Paat founded InXite Health Systems in 2013, he had one goal in mind, to drastically impact healthcare as we know it. This was no simple task. He wanted to find the most strategic way for healthcare professionals, payors, and most importantly patients to share information.  Paat, a consummate problem solver saw a need for healthcare providers to communicate with each other on all levels, keeping the needs of the patient paramount at all times.  Patients over paperwork became his mantra.

Historically, doctors, patients, vendors, and resources have not worked together in sharing information.  This made things difficult for the patient to gather necessary records from all the medical professionals who cared for them. Previously, it was a daunting task for patients to collect all of their healthcare information and keep it organized in one place.  With INXITE®, the burden is taken off the patient and all of their healthcare data is stored in one secure place.

The core principles of INXITE® is to understand that each and every patient is unique and that there can’t be a generic answer to fit all patients.  INXITE® structures a program that is individualized for that patient. Unlike other companies, we keep the whole patient forefront.  We aren’t trying to find quick solutions to an individual problem but focusing on the whole individual, physically, emotionally, socially, and environmentally.

As technology changes so does the approach to managing data.  In the work of Uber, Amazon and 100s of apps available to use at any time, do we always have all of them open?  The answer is no.  The system that INXITE® uses to manage data is much like a smart phone. All of the applications are available but not necessarily needed by every patient.  Today we have services that allows us to do everything on line, including manage our healthcare.   The INXITE® platform has one goal in mind, to allow patients to share their healthcare information with who they chose. The plan developed for each patient is all inclusive, it provides resources for education, treatment, pharmacy prices as well as recommendations for specialists.

For InXite Health Systems the future of healthcare is now, and it is a very exciting time.  Today things move at a record-fast pace and healthcare is now exception. The INXITE® care team works with patients to help provide vital information to their health care provider.  In addition, they guide the patient to resources that can help improve their specific condition.   The individual can rest assured that their information is secure has the ability to securely and only released to the providers they identify. The platform allows the patient to see comparisons of medication costs, availability of products, educational programs, and connects them to resources that will help them manage their condition.  Once the care team is fully in place the, INXITE® care team leader calls them on a regular basis to help them navigate through system. The future of healthcare is now and with cutting edge technology, INXITE is improving the quality of life for patients throughout the country.  The dream that InXite Health Systems CEO, James Paat, had when he began this company in 2013 is no longer just a dream but a reality.