Phoenix, Arizona— October 13th — InXite Health Systems is excited to announce a partnership with international recording artists Clan-Destine Clan-Destine has defined the sound of Native American popular music for over a decade, mixing vocal chants, flutes, a tribal drum, and the ideals of their Native American heritage with modern genres such as rock, pop, blues and reggae. Their image, message, and genre-defying sound, together with an inherited desire to live in harmony with their world merge, creating an energy that is attractive to all humans. This sound has earned Clan-Destine a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) in the Best Pop/Rock category for “Deeply Rooted”; the group’s second self-produced album.

As part of the partnership, InXite Health Systems and Clan-Destine will promote a series of events, to bring awareness to the challenges faced by Native American’s. Clan-Destine Live will feature a series of live variety shows streamed worldwide. Clan-Destine’s partnership with InXite Health Systems will help bring awareness to a variety of causes for both Native American’s and Americans alike.

When InXite Health Systems was founded in 2014, it was with the idea of improving the healthcare system for all patients, providers, and payors throughout the country. The goal was to be able to provide a data platform that would house healthcare information in one central spot making it easily accessible for the patient and those who care for them.

Historically, healthcare centered around the payor and the provider. The payment was structured on the amount of services that a provider delivered not on the positive outcomes. For InXite Health Systems, the patient always comes first. The core principle of the company is to provide patient-centered, value-based care.

As the country moves towards a system that is more patient-centered, InXite Health Systems is on the cutting edge of technology. A company that offers a solution that is fast becoming a major force in healthcare.

We are dedicated to improving the health of the world. We provide a patient-centered software platform, reporting and analytics, and care services that connect all the parts of fragmented health care systems. As a result, we provide data-driven insights that improve patient health outcomes, enhance satisfaction, and control health care costs.

Our technology, solutions, and services enable and accelerate the transition from fee-for-service models to coordinated, pay-for-value models for providers, payors, hospitals, ACOs, and health systems.

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