InXite® Health Systems Welcomes Dante Ventresca, New Chief Information Officer

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 14, 2020) — InXite Health Systems, Inc., a Columbus, Ohio-based healthcare innovation company, announced today that Dante Ventresca has been appointed chief information officer, overseeing all aspects of InXite’s IT team.

“Dante is a creative and innovative leader, and his skills complement the talents of our IT team as we build the systems and processes necessary to support our strategic growth,” said InXite President and CEO James Paat. “His broad background, with an emphasis on the customer experience, will prove particularly valuable as we expand our patient-centric solutions and online capabilities.”

Most recently, Dante was the chief information officer for Central Ohio Urology Group where he directed and managed strategic planning and digital innovation for customers and business units. He opened new paradigms of care and championed technology for programs including chronic care management, advanced data analytics to identify at-risk patients, virtual health, and physician productivity and quality of life improvements.

“Being a transformative leader requires many unique abilities,” says Dante. “This includes involvement in existing and emerging health information initiatives, and routinely completing technical reviews of the impact of legislation and regulations on healthcare. It also means building and leading high-performance teams and departments responsible for the planning, acquisition, implementation and management of healthcare information technology, clinical technology and the origination, communication and management of healthcare information across the continuum of care. I’m thrilled to be joining the InXite team and I’m looking forward to making a significant contribution to the advancement of value-based care.”