Dr. Victor Nee |  Special Advisor

Victor Nee advises over 25 Government and Commercial organizations in China.   He works extensively in asset-based securitizations.  Victor presently serves on the Board of several companies, including Capital Senior Living, Biomasters, MagneGas, PetroSun, Shannxi Foreign Economic University (China), Beijing Orient Electronics (China), and the Holley Group (China). Over the years, Victor has consulted various foreign government trade ministries and Fortune 500 companies, including American and European investment banks, to create international joint ventures for doing business in China.

Victor obtained his Ph.D. in Aerospace at Johns Hopkins University, and his Bachelor degree at the National Taiwan University. At the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, he established the Advance Technology Center, and served as its first Director. He accepted tenure at the University of Notre Dame, where he taught fluid mechanics and created the Applied Engineering Research Laboratory. At Notre Dame, Victor was elected twice by students for the Faculty Award (most inspiring Professor.) Victor is listed in “American Men of Science” and is also a member of “American Federation of Musicians”. He has published 54 professional papers, owns 52 patents, and has served as an advisor to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.