Employers institute the InXite platform to provide the employee with the ability to control their own healthcare data.

The employee is the one that decides who will have access to their healthcare data.

Often times employers choose to provide health benefits directly to their employers.  For a small company not only is it a cost saving measure but this allows their employees more comprehensive benefits.  Employees control their healthcare journey from the start.  When an employer institutes the InXite platform for their employees, they provide the employee with the ability to control their healthcare data in a safe and secure manner.  This data is available through the mobile application 24/7, moving as the patient does, complete and portable.

The employer receives a heat map identifying problem areas that their employees suffer from.  The care management team works with the patient while the employer receives a healthier work force.  This valuable platform data is collected by InXite and provided to the employer while creating healthier outcomes for the patient. When patients are empowered to improve their healthcare situation it is
a win for both the payor and the patient.

INXITE® Heat Map Screen

INXITE® is a Patient-Centered System for Better Care Coordination with Improved Patient Outcomes

INXITE® enables all stakeholders in healthcare to successfully transition to value-based care.

The platform gathers relevant patient data to help providers better understand the risks and needs of patients. Once the right data is collected, INXITE® presents it as actionable insights on an easy-to-understand dashboard that allows payors and providers to make better data-driven decisions about care. The platform is easy to use and allows patients to:

  • Track health-related activities.

  • Connect with their care team.

  • Share their complete health history with providers via a QR code.

  • View their comprehensive care plan.

  • Get answers to health-related questions via the in-app messaging system.

INXITE® Heat Map Screen
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Providers, Payors, Employers and Consumers, use INXITE® to:

Access the Dashboard

Understand the needs and risks of patients with a unified view of patient health information and care plans.

Build Assessments

Results from assessments will help employers, providers and payors to see patients’ needs and risks and guide them on their journey.

Assemble a personalized care team

Have care team members in one place. Be aware of recommended care providers that may be missing.

Create Unified Records

This section is where the care team can see all health information about a patient consolidated in one unified record.

Set up and design a care plan for the patients’ needs

Access the care plan prescribed specifically for you by all care team members.

Secure Messaging Systems

Give the ability for the care team and patient to communicate in a secure manner in a secure environment.

Make The Most Of INXITE® With Complementary Modules

Get more out of your INXITE® investment by adding on InXite Modules that fit your specific need. Our variety of modules ensure you can deliver a better patient experience, improve patient education, or streamline in-office workflows. If you don’t see a specific capability, contact us about creating one for your business.

Patient Data Portability Solution

Patient Education Videos


Referral Management

Virtual Navigator

Quality and Population Management Reporting

Biometric Authentication

Provider Quality Dashboard

Readmission Dashboard

Automated Patient Outreach

Custom Reporting and Dashboards

Advanced Messaging and Alerts

Quality And Population Management Reporting

Equips executives with a set of reports that show if quality metrics are being met. Heat maps give an overview of population health statistics and help the executive focus on high risk patients.

Using the ROI Calculator

After reviewing population heat map information, Executive will access the high, moderate, and low Cost calculators to review costs associated with patient population risk level by health factor

Executive will make a decision as to what patient population risk level by health factor(s) they will want to consider using software, services, and education programs to engage in using to lower their overall costs (in ROI Calculator image to the right)– Asthma, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure are the highest costing factors)