Are You Ready? New Interoperability Rules Go Into Effect:

January 1, 2020
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“As innovators in healthcare, we partner with those who have the same vision as we do. Our goal is to provide value-based, patient-centered care to all patients. We empower patients to have control over their healthcare data in a safe and secure manner.”

James Paat, President & CEO, InXite Health Systems

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  1. Allow patient health information to be portable with the patient via a unique QR code

  2. Create a single, unified, shared care plan for the patient and the patient’s care team

  3. Provide care team recommendations based on patient diagnoses

  4. Enable providers to better coordinate tasks, improve patient engagement, and ensure care plan adherence

  5. Alert appropriate individuals when care plan items are not adhered to so proactive intervention can be made

  6. Deliver weekly reminders to patients about appointments and medications

The nation is practically drowning in a tsunami of healthcare consumer data. Hospitals have it, pharmacies have it, the government’s got it, and our smartphones have it. What consumers want is something that’s understandable and user-friendly to help them get better, more affordable care, and they want their data protected.”

Ron Wyden, Senator from the State of Oregon

“InXite Health turns patients into consumers and gives them a choice on how they can be treated by leading them to successful outcomes in Healthcare.” 

Eddie Tantoco, CPA, Holistic Technologies

“Thankful to be on a Team who will put patients at the center of their own healthcare, leaning on our local Faith communities, and working together with local providers and government officials through this amazing Interoperability platform that InXite has created.”

Marty Lotito, Founder & CEO, Ignite Health

“InXite has the right approach for how to best use technology to help improve outcomes. The ability to leverage predictive analytics—similar to what is used today in detecting behavioral patterns and fraud—and apply it to help point healthcare providers in the right direction is of significant value.”

Mike Dahir, Executive Vice President of The National Healthcare Association

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