InXite for Combating the Opioid Military Crisis

InXite Health Systems is committed to helping our military personnel returning from deployment get through the many emotional and physical stressors they may face.  Young adults between the ages of 18-25 are particularly likely to have substance abuse or other health problems.  Many veterans wrestle with stress from deployments to combat zones. The stressful military life coupled with injuries and illnesses puts them at an increased risk for substance use disorders. A growing number of veterans turn to drugs to cope with the pressure of societal reintegration after the military.

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According to the American Public Health Association, veterans who have been prescribed opioid pain killers are 40 times more likely to become addicted to Heroin, than military personnel that have not received opioids.

We recognize that this problem can be treated, especially if recognized early.  InXite’s risk assessments can identify pre-risk factors for opioid use.  An individualized care plan is developed and options such as education, resources and specialized treatment may be suggested.  The idea is to help treat the problem in the beginning allowing the veteran to achieve success before addiction takes hold.  Through InXite the veteran is empowered to take charge of their healthcare.

Data-Driven Information Solution for Improved Outcomes

• Track and monitor an individual’s opioid lifecycle
• Reduce fraud and abuse by authenticating provider and patient identities
• Improve care coordination by sharing patient care plan with the care team
• Automatically notify providers of potential inappropriate prescriptions
• Inform providers of patient prescription history

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Opioid numbers

Data Driven Solution Components

Unified Shared Care Plan Management

InXite creates a unified care plan that’s shared by patients and care teams. It summarizes problems, diagnoses, and treatment plans, and acts as a shared blueprint for improving outcomes.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Suspicious activities can be generated by InXite OS or manually submitted by concerned parties. All suspicious activities are uploaded into a database, reviewed, and vetted for appropriate follow-up.

Genetic Testing

InXite Health Systems partners with genetic testing labs to determine if a patient is susceptible to addiction.

Alerts and Notifications

Smart alerts notify individuals, care providers, and support organizations when defined events do or don’t occur.

Patient Navigation Services

Pharmacists serve as care coordinators who interact with patients using controlled substances. The care coordinators help engage patients in their health, keep them accountable, and connect them to community resources as needed.

Biometric Authentication

Patient facial biometric information is captured and stored as a faceprint in InXite OS. Integrated facial recognition software uses up to 80 facial nodal points to verify the patient’s identity.

Communicate questions and needs to doctors

Manage their medications

Create and achieve health-related goals

Find lower-cost prescription medications

Organize transportation to appointments

Connect with community services and resources

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