I Have Downloaded the Mobile Application. Now What?

In order to create your account, you need to have a screen name and password. Often your provider will give you a code to input.

The next step is completing an emergency health card. This emergency card will have all the necessary health information needed if you are incapacitated in an emergency.

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You are now ready to take our health Risk Assessment. This is one of the most important pieces of information you will complete. The Health Risk Assessment gives you an opportunity to answer questions honestly about your health condition.

This screen allows you to enter all the information about your healthcare providers. Beginning with your primary care physician, here is where you provide all the information about the healthcare professionals you see on a regular basis.

This screen is for compiling lists of all your allergies (food, medication, environmental) so we can make sure all healthcare professionals are aware of them. Here is the place for you to add your prescription medications as well.

This area is to notate any problems you may be having. Sometime medical issues arise that are not serious but need attention. By notating them here as well as sharing them with your healthcare provider you can make sure that they are added to your health record.

This screen allows us to know who you would like your healthcare information shared with. You may change this record at any time. Please know that your information is safe and secure with InXite®.

We utilize the best of bread technologies with the ability to defend against today’s cyber threats.

InXite delivers comprehensive security solutions through its suite of advanced cyber security tools including next-generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-malware (AM/AV), web application firewalls (WAF), data loss prevention (DLP), web filtering, and secure VPNs.

InXite leverages the industry’s most advanced security services continuously updated in real-time by industry leading advanced threat intelligence services.