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If you’re in the media and want to learn more about InXite’s mission to revolutionize the world of healthcare, check out the pages below. Or, if you’d like to profile the people who make it happen, please contact VP of Marketing Christopher Stets.

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InXite Overview

Headquartered in Worthington, Ohio, InXite® Health Systems is an integrated healthcare services company, providing customized data solutions for patient-centered, value-based care.

Founded in 2013, the company provides data-driven programs that enhances patient care, reduces risk and drives revenue. InXite connects patients, providers, payors, vendors and resources through a completely integrated system, giving them a 360-degree view of the patient’s health, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Patients are empowered to take control of their healthcare by organizing and managing all of their critical health information onto their own personal and secure portal. Through their mobile device, they are able to share this information with the providers they choose anytime, anywhere.

InXite is a first-of-its-kind platform that is revolutionizing the world of healthcare.

Facts About InXite

In order to empower patients as consumers, all healthcare providers and organizations must move to a system in which patients are in control of their own healthcare information. This will increase competition, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

Patient-centered, value-based care—the way it should be

Historically, healthcare has always centered around the payor and the provider. Providers were paid based on the amount of services they delivered—not on positive outcomes. At InXite, we believe patients should come first. That’s why we’ve created an innovative data platform that enhances patient care, reduces risk and boosts revenue.

Empowering the patient

InXite empowers patients by giving them control, choice and convenience in managing their healthcare journey. In today’s broken healthcare system, providers, patients and vendors have not worked together to share critical healthcare information. With InXite, all of a patient’s healthcare data is safely stored in ONE location, making it easily accessible on their own secure portal. With just a few swipes of their mobile phone, patients can quickly share their healthcare information with the providers they choose … anytime, anywhere.

The future of healthcare is here

InXite has started a healthcare revolution. With our first-of-its-kind data platform, we’re transforming the world of healthcare by:

  • Empowering patients to be smart healthcare consumers
  • Enabling providers to deliver personalized value-based care
  • Informing payors to make better data-driven decisions that improve wellness and profitability
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James Paat  |  President & CEO, Chairman

A serial entrepreneur and recognized expert in the fields of NIEM, data integration and information sharing, Mr. Paat’s background includes nearly 25 years of experience working with global 1000 companies, government agencies, and innovative technology companies.

Mr. Paat has a long laundry list of accolades. Most recently he was recognized as one of 2018 20 top leaders in the healthcare industry, a 2017 most admired business tech leaders, and InXite Health systems was recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in 2017.

Prior to founding InXite Health Systems, Mr. Paat served as President and CEO of Sypherlink, his second company. Recognized for its unique capabilities by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and by multiple key industry analysts, the company was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner Group and “Top 10 IT Companies to Watch in 2011” by Bloor Research Group. From 2001 – 2011 Sypherlink was involved in many of the nation’s largest – and most successful – information exchange projects, including those at the federal, state, regional and local levels. Sypherlink was acquired in 2009.

Mr. Paat’s first company, EC Outlook, was an innovative e-business company. Under his leadership the company raised $36 million of investment, grew to 150 associates, and secured several global 500 customers including Bristol Myers Squibb, BASF, Dupont, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, and Sun Microsystems.

An acknowledged industry expert, Mr. Paat has spoken at numerous conferences and events around the world, including the IT Forum, EC Expo, and local and international user groups. He has been featured several times in leading media publications including CNNfn, World Business Review, Electronic Commerce World, The Columbus Dispatch and Business First. He also recently served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of the Long-Range Planning Committee for the IJIS Institute and has served on the Dean’s Advisory Counsel of Fisher College of Business at Ohio State

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InXite FAQ

Q: What is InXite?
A: InXite is an innovative data platform that enhances patient care, reduces risk and boosts revenue. It reflects the shift from provider-centric care to patient-centered, value-based care.

Q: When was InXite founded?
A: 2013

Q: Who is the founder of InXite?
A: James Paat

Q: What is InXite’s mission?
A: InXite’s mission is to be the leading value-based care platform for improving patient outcomes.

Q: How does InXite help patients?
A: InXite empowers patients by putting them in control of their healthcare information. InXite stores all of their confidential healthcare data on their own personal and secure portal. It can then be shared with the providers they choose with just a swipe on their mobile device. 

Q: How does InXite help providers?
A: InXite helps providers deliver personalized, value-based care. With InXite’s solution capabilities, all providers have access to a 360-degree view of the patients’ risks, care teams and plans. InXite also helps providers improve revenues by reducing costs and identifying new billable services.

Q: How does InXite help employers?
A: InXite helps employers make better data-driven decisions that saves money and improves employee health. Through detailed health risk assessments, InXite is able to identify an organization’s high-risk population and provide opportunities for better managing that risk.

Q: How does InXite help payors?
A: InXite helps payors make better data-driven decisions that improves profitability.  Through claims data analysis, InXite is able to risk stratify beneficiary population and identify high-cost risks and needs. InXite then identifies opportunities for better managing that risk.

Q: How is InXite helping with the opioid epidemic?
A: After InXite conducts an opioid risk assessment and identifies risk factors, an individualized care plan is created to help the patient find resources such as education and treatment options that can help them find solutions.

Q: How is InXite helping Native Americans and rural populations?
A: InXite recognizes the critical need for healthcare options for our Native Americans and rural populations. Through InXite’s robust telehealth options, InXite will be able to bring quality care to thousands of underserved Americans.

InXite Products

Population Management

Patient Risk Assessment
Evaluates risk; clinical, behavioral, environmental and social factors.

Population Heat Map
Visual representation of risk stratified patient population.

Population Improvement Program Development
Personalized approach to address each defined population segment.

Cost/Benefit Calculator
Return on investment analysis of population improvement programs.

Program Effectiveness
Identify trends in population heat map to evaluate and modify programs.

Care Management

Risk-Need Score
Illustrates patient risks and highlights care plans required in order to improve patient outcomes.

Patient Time Line
Visual representation of patient heath journey and encounters.

Unified Care Plan
Single aggregated and shared care plan across all of the patient’s providers.

Care Team Management
Updated list of patient care team members along with new care team recommendations.

Health Score
Monitors ongoing health performance of patient.

Care Plan Reminders
Reminds patient of required care plan activities.

Care Plan Adherence
Care plan updated indicating any gaps between care plan and patient compliance.

Provider Alerts
Critical feedback to provider if patient is not adhering to care plan.

Multi-modal communications between patient and his/her care team.

Data Portability
Patient capability to proactively share current information with any doctor.

Reporting & Analytics

Payor Dashboard
Assess provider performance against quality and P4P metrics.

Provider Quality Dashboard
Personalized dashboard monitors provider performance against defined quality and P4P metrics.

Provider P4P Calculator
Assess which quality metrics returns based on level of effort.

Hospital Readmission Dashboard
Analytic dashboard helps to identify trends and reduce readmissions.

Researcher Dashboard
Side-by-side comparisons of care pathways and plans.

Data Management

Health Data Manager
InXite works on behalf of the patient to gather, organize and share health data.

Interoperability as a Service
InXite manages the data standardization requirement on behalf of each provider.

Value-Added Solutions

Technology & Devices
New, cutting edge and specialized technology and devices.

Navigation Services
Patient navigators routinely interact with patients to aid in compliance with physician care plans and proactively address gaps of care.

Specialty treatments available for improving outcomes of specific conditions.

Disease, medication and procedure education delivered to the patient at the appropriate time during the patient’s health journey.

Apps specifically designed to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

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