Sanjay Menon  |  Chief Strategy Officer

As Hewlett Packard’s director of Strategy from 2006-2009, Menon worked in partnership with the SVP of marketing and sales to develop business strategy for the division focusing on market expansion through new customer acquisition. He soon moved to Accenture as a senior director assisting public pension entities in North America where he implemented strategies that led to a 50% growth in pension sales. His most recent position is as Chief Strategy Officer for Strategic Systems, Inc.

He was responsible for developing and implementing the digital transformation line of business including Advanced Analytics, Automated Machine Learning, Dev-Ops, Agile Development Services, and RPA practices. His charge was to create and implement the company’s strategic plan. Sanjay Menon is a graduate of the Indiana Institute of Technology. He has a Master of Science from the University of Miami and an MBA and PhD from the University of Memphis. “We are very fortunate to have Sanjay join us. He brings another dimension to our team, one that the company will deeply benefit from and will help us be the industry leader,” added InXite CEO James Paat. Sanjay is a welcome addition to our executive team.